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Macronutrient Modulated Diets - Focus on Carbohydrates, Type-2 Diabetes and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Webinar recorded in January 2021

Modifying carbohydrate intake and low carbohydrate diet in particular, happen very much in the news as well as in the published scientific literature in relation to type-2 diabetes, obesity as well as general health.

This webinar brings together multiple speakers from different viewpoints to talk through their experience of clinical practice as well as clinical research, particularly speaking to their key published papers looking at low carbohydrates management of diabetes as well as the role of carbohydrates and macronutrients in the management of non-alcoholic fatty liver. Furthermore, we look at the framework in healthcare which allows us to apply this knowledge to practice navigating various barriers and facilitators.

Each webinar is followed by a dedicated Journal Club where selected papers from associated wider literature are presented and discussed in more detail.

The webinars and journal clubs are held in partnership with the International Academy of Nutrition Educators as well as the BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health.
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Dr Michele Vacca

Dr Kathy Martyn

James Bradfield

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