NNEdPro-IANE Nutrition Education
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Lesson series

The Nutrition Implementation Coalition – Nutrition as a hard science

In this course, you will learn about:
  • Nutrition in Preventative practice
  • Global food and nutrition security
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention and nutrition – An appraisal of the evidence
  • Clinical nutrition screening and support
  • Covid19 and Obesity
  • Diet and climate change
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By finishing this course and completing the pre/post-course questionnaires, you will get a certificate which can be used to avail £50 discount on IANE membership and £100 on NNEdPro Summer School.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand how nutrition research can be translated into practice
  • Be able to outline why healthcare professionals, including doctors, can empower patients to change their diet
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of the double burden of malnutrition
  • Be able to define the classic and novel risk factors for CVD, and the dietary factors which may influence them
  • Recognise that whilst obesity carries a higher risk of developing a wide range or non-communicable diseases, weight stigma is also a major issue that needs addressing
  • Understand the impact of malnutrition in primary and secondary care
  • Know the difference between screening for and assessing for malnutrition
  • Recognise the basic interventions for undernourishment or replacement feeding, including the routes and types of feeding enterally
  • Indications for Parenteral nutrition and the potential complications
  • Understanding of the basic energy, nutrient, fluid and electrolyte requirements
  • The interaction of nutrition and COVID-19, including obesity and micronutrient deficiencies

Course Overview

The Nutrition Implementation Coalition 

We are a coalition of non-profit organisations who believe we urgently need to raise the issue of a serious lack of nutrition training for healthcare professionals, leading to a largely neglected element of patient care and population health. As The Nutrition Implementation Coalition, we share ideas and expertise. We are independent organisations but with a shared goal to promote sustainable, ethical and evidence-based nutrition care including when to refer on to a dietitian or nutritionist.
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