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Implementation Science

Webinar recorded in March 2022

Each webinar is followed by a dedicated Journal Club where selected papers from associated wider literature are presented and discussed in more detail.

The webinars and journal clubs are held in partnership with the International Academy of Nutrition Educators as well as the BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health.
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Meet the instructor

Dr Celia Laur

Dr Celia Laur is an implementation scientist who works across disciplines and settings, specializing in understanding how effective interventions can be sustained, spread, and scaled up. For her Postdoctoral work at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, Celia is involved in a series of projects exploring physicians’ antibiotic and opioid prescribing practices in Ontario, in an effort to inform upcoming interventions and behaviour change in practice. Celia’s PhD at the University of Waterloo focused on understanding healthcare professionals’ perspectives on implementing, sustaining and spreading nutrition care activities in hospitals across Canada. ​

Within NNEdPro, Celia is lead of the Global Innovation Panel (GIP). She is former Managing Coordinator/Analyst for the NNEdPro Group and transitioned into her role as GIP Lead and Core Team Member in 2014 when she began her doctoral studies. Previously, she was involved in all aspects of the NNEdPro Group and still remains involved in all relevant areas.
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