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Workplace Wellbeing - Diet, Mind, Movement, Sleep

Webinar recorded in June 2021

This webinar aims to bring together the four pillars of lifestyle: diet, mind, movement and sleep as these constructs interact inextricably to contribute to our overall sense of well-being, not just at home but in the workplace where many of us spend the majority of our time. The nature of work as well as the workplace has changed considerably with virtual working in the pandemic and this course attempts to consider practical strategies to improve our diets, state of mind, levels of activity and quality of sleep as we face new realities in striking a work-life balance and maintaining well-being.

Each webinar is followed by a dedicated Journal Club where selected papers from associated wider literature are presented and discussed in more detail.

The webinars and journal clubs are held in partnership with the International Academy of Nutrition Educators as well as the BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health.
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Meet the instructors

Helena Trigueiro

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray

Alan Flanagan

Prof Sumantra Ray

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